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[17 Dec 2005|12:05am]
Huge picture update coming when my photoshop gets recracked

In this humble update we will see including but not limted to, all my
current writing projects.
My new guitar
Danny and Dave my fancy rats
My Nintendo DS
My gym exploits

and the answer to why I am suddenly £250 shorter than I thought i was. (hint the clues in here somewhere)

Pics behind the cut
Danny and Dave
My hott new gym body

So my loan came in a few weeks late, and I saved around £500 on my living costs. With this sudden income of money...Did i pay off my rent? Did i save it? Did i stop eating smart price food? Hell no... I went out and bought myself a guitar. With a budget of £30 - just something to work chords out on, I don't need anything fancy. The cheapest was £100, so I splashed on and got a second hand one I know is a good guitar, for 137, with a bag and a handful of picks.
Within a few days I mastered the guitar so I tried to think what else i needed in my productless life, and tiny room. How about those pets I promised myself at the beginning of the year? How much could they be?
£10 for 2? A bargin... Now how much for the cage...ah £65, + some toys. Though I am pretty sure relative to their size their room is bigger than mine.
I got a black one and a grey one, named Dave and Danny respectivly. (After Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace) They are super cute, and the dave brings danny food when he's hiding. They live inside my expensive tshirt which they decided they owned when they crapped all over it and chewed it. They seem to love it more than the real bedding.

Onto the writing projects. I've begun a childs short book, involving pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, and theres even some crappy ghosts. Its all in rhyme, and Hopefully my friend gideon will illustrate it.

Writing a second book - my main book. About a kid who finds who diary from the future. I'm about 2 chapters in. But stopped writing when I found out that some of the stuff might be like the Time Travellers Wife in parts. So when I've finished reading that I'll resume writing.

Written a short documentary about chavs for my advertising class. I am genuinly really proud of the writing as i've never written a script before. My teacher seemed to be really impressed with it too. I am doing the editing on it too, and most of the filming so if it turns out well I will look great on my cv/portfolio. The teacher even said that if the people in my group don't pull their weight I can take their names of the credits. I've written some crap radio adverts too but hopefully Rich in my group will know what he's doing and edit all the bits together since I'm not great with audio.

Finally found some alternative people in southampton that arn't self obsessed, and one of them lives opposite me in the other building, so we've been to see No Comply and Sixnationstate, and She's gonna show me some of the better alternative clubs next year.

Joined the gym, its really really cheap, it has a pool and a sauna and free classes.And since I currently have 4days a week off I reckon I will make good use of it - That said, due to the hectic week I have only been 3times. I got a free personal plan done for me. So I should be buff soon (see above pic for the results so far) And all for £22 a month.

Got my Nintendo DS - I honestly don't know why. I think I just wanted to play Wario Ware lots. I got the console with Sonic(have to pick it up when its in stock) and Mario Kart - which is just an amazing game. Can't put it down. Everytime someone goes to the loo in the pub I pull it out for a quick lap. I splashed out on a flash cart, which is the price of 3games, but means I can just download games onto it, and never pay again. And he's giving me a disk with every DS game released so far, along with some GBA ones, and a link to where I can get others when they come out.

And right after that happened my old rent guy rung me up reminding me I hadn't paid. So I'll be giving him a dated cheque that will clear after my next student loan...Still I'm gonna be pretty tight this xmas. Hoping all the time I will have, will mean my work gets done, and my personal projects a few steps furthur.

Anyway... :arrr: :arrr: :arrr: :arrr: :arrr: :arrr: Pirates!!

End of Line.

I'm sure this is horribly misspelt. I will recheck it tomorrow
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[20 Nov 2005|04:20pm]
Tentitive preview ryhming couplet for my short side book (or just a story) featuring zombies/ninjas/pirates/robots/space/ghosts/vampires (though only pirates/ninjas/zombies so far)

The Pirate stood proud on the ship he had plundered
The Previous owner's days had been numbered.

Gideon has agreed to doing a couple of illustrations for the book too, so it's all going well.
Hopefully in about a week I will have a sample page to post along with its illustration

Also..my new insense stick holder/hat rack
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
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Please God let me sleep! [15 Nov 2005|04:51am]
Fuck you inspiration! Why do you strike as I try and sleep.

I want to sleep and ideas keep popping into my head for this short secondary book i've been trying to write. I don't even think I'll begin writing it untill tomorrow afternoon after i've handed in my Law essay submission bullcrap, at the very earliest (Unless I attempt it after this entry)

It happened the other night too, I couldn't sleep till 9am because things were bouncing around in my head.

Maybe the 12sugar teas/hotchocoaltes aid the fact I am awake at nearly 5, and have been for the last week.

Meh at least this the secondary book is short I should be able to knock it up in 2 days max, But I need Gideon to come back! I want this book to be illustrated on each page, (or every other) and while looking at his animation sketch book I saw a few sketches that really match the style perfectly for what I want it to look like. Just need to hope that he is up for a bit of a side project, even if they are only outline sketches it would be amazing.

Been out skating the streets too, I guess I am officialy a street skater, I have mastered the ollie (sorta) and can even pull it off while moving at relative speed, but been practicing at getting it to flow better and get it more consistent.

Managed to get a weeks worth of shopping done on my budget ( I had 4.82 left or thereabouts ) Got 5 loaf's of bread for 50p.

Managed to make rice balls too, I'm sure its the easiest thing in the world to make, but the fact that they worked and that they froze well and cooked perfectly the next day made me happy.

Oh and thanks Elise, I caught your radio show for the 1st time, and something you said about the watershed made its way into my law thing. Good show btw.

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[14 Nov 2005|01:35am]
[ mood | content ]

2 Chapters down

There are a few bits I want to change and a few things I want to add, but I want to get more written before I go back to rewrite bits.

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[12 Nov 2005|09:31pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bitter:
    I love a good bitter, moreso than beer, its not fizzy, doesn't make you burp, tastes nicer.
    On the down side you age 20years with every sip.
  2. dmae:
    Doxymoxy phorahyde
    I can't remember what it stands for, its a drug for kids with ADD and its hyperactive cousin ADHD.
    I own some thanks to the internet...side effects include lucid dreams, and the "downer" from not takin them after a while is the biggest energy rush in the world.
  3. figures:
    I like toys...figures sounds more mature. Its like owning cartoons!
  4. kitch:
    I like crap toys too
  5. madness:
    Best band evar?
  6. pixar love:
    Pixar are gonna be bigger than disney given half the chance, they are a bit special, they prove that story is what it takes to successed (and blinding animation)
  7. sliders:
    Sliders was a great show, I love sci - fi, and I love this show, (apart from maybe the last 2 episodes)
  8. unicorns:
    Unicorns kickass,
    that is all.
  9. zombies:
    Zombies also kickass, but in a more undead way. They make everything better.
  10. ♣:
    i don't know, I think i copied it off someones interests, but I have no idea why.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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[12 Nov 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hell yes, re written the 1st chapter of my book, finally got round to it, its shorter than I would like, and I need to rewrite bits of it, but at least I've got some of it done, writing the second chapter atm too. I signed up for the 50,000 word novel challenge month things, I really don't know if it will turn out to be that long, it is only meant to be a short book about 150 pages aimed at 12 year olds, not sure how many words that works out at? But I think it will work out about the length of one of the old animorph books I used to read, or the Aquila book. I'm sure if i stay motivated, I can get it knocked out in a week or 2.

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snakes on a plane

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[11 Nov 2005|05:18pm]
Got offered coke the other night, turned it down obviously (Depsite it being a free line) Its not like i can afford to get addicted, i can afford next weeks food, so not the best idea right now.

Watching Human Traffic, and it just makes me want to do it more. I'm sure i'll be protected in the usual way...that being...when/if I say yes/ask to a free line he'll have none.

Missed uni today, went in yesturday and weds to do my presentation's, I feel pretty boosted by the fact I didn't shit myself, or go all red, or freeze up while doing them, I may finally be growing up.

life is pretty much snakes on a plane right now.(in the good way)

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[09 Nov 2005|03:11pm]

Also saw I heart Huckabee's, really enjoyed it
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[09 Nov 2005|12:42am]
Holy shit i've watched a lot of tv programming in the last few weeks. This just confirms in my mind how much I want to get into something to do with TV.Really appreciating the art of writing a good lasting show that doesn't suffer from bad writing after the 1st or main story arc plays out.

Also suffering the opposite(?) of writers block, I have 2 solid book ideas - one kids (like 12y/o) and one more adult novel, I pretty much know what I want to write, I just can't seem to even start writing it up, I just freeze when I try and start writing any of it. Writers lazyness I guess.

Back to uni on weds, had like 2 weeks off. Stupid long time off.

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[29 Oct 2005|01:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

When its time to party we will party hard (part 2, electric boogaloo)

Went to some house party of one of the guys that gary and gideon knows, ended up being a bit of a sausage fest, but me and gideon were only gonna go for an hour anyway, every guy in the house was too scared to talk to the other 4women there (there was around 30 guys), so me and adam ended up asking which students lived close by, and just went up the street (its pretty much a student road) and invited people along. Admitidly...no-one came, but we did meet some cool people, and it was nearly midnight, so I can forgive them for being nearly in bed.

We also found and played with a frog that was in the middle of the road, we were trying to get it to cross over, when about halfway across a car came along and......just missed it.

Anyway, cue the invite's we sent out by text..and little becky turns up (she is like 5' or shorter, and a size 4 and chinese, and you just wanna pick her up and throw her about cos she's so twee) and she say's she saw another party on the way round...so cue a drunk me going "Come on...fuck it lets go, it will be awesome" while almost knocking the glass top off a glass table.

Turns out the party we crashed had more people we knew but through more random things (ie so not getting an invite wasn't rude on theIr part)and ended up staying till about 3am (so much for an hour)
Met a guy dressed as optimus prime, and stole his hat/helmet, so now theres a picture of me wearing that(coming soon), we had a great chat about the upcoming movie, and general 80'ness

Met some girl from shakeaway who I've been trying to talk to for a year, turns out her dad owns MG motors or something, and is paying for her to be at uni as long as she doesn't do an "art" related course. But she showed me some of her stuff on her phone and she's really good. I hate it when parents are like that and just ignore a talent right infront of them.

Met some weird girl dressed as a cat that was FUCKED! and proceded to tell me that everytime she saw me as if we hadn't met before.
Saw some cool stickers on the fridge (which I did my best not to steal) (bit omptimus prime in cool pose with a speak bubble from another sticker set saying "take me to the white house!!")

Gideon Met some girl he wanted to chat to at the gym, since he knocked on her house while searching for guests, they now have something to talk about next time they see each other.

Sadly I did steal a mini bottle of jack daniels, it had one of those wooden puzzles with it, but it hadn't been put on the bottle, so I ended up taking it back home by accident...the challenge is now to get the wooden thing ON the bottle.

Long story short...I'm never going to a party i've been invited to ever again...gate crashing party's near by is the way forward, and it cost me nothing.

Oh shit yeah I almost forgot, some crazy norweigen girl got involved with our "run away from the limping guard" game (our security guard seems to have a wooden leg or something) and ended up staying in gary and adam's room with me and them till 5.30 complaining about us not doing anything fun...but failing to come up with any ideas...I learnt how to plat hair...and she tricked me into putting my hair into some weird ponytail...I thought I was getting a free head massage :(
She scared me, to the point where I really thought at any point she would call over some bigger boys to beat us up...but no..at 5.30 when we went to bed, she just went over to block A with no bigger boys in sight.

End of Line


I met a guy with no bellybutton! Some gay guy was like "can I see your bellybutton...i'll show you mine" so i was like "er....ok??" and showed him mine...then he pulled up his shirt....and nothing!...at all... apparently he was born without some skin there so they just stretched the rest, leaving no belly button...what a fucking great party trick...

I hope at least 1 person reads all this...I know I wouldn't

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[24 Oct 2005|09:48pm]

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct!

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[21 Oct 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Yet again thwarted in getting my halifax overdraft, but on the plus(?) side I got to meet howard from the Halifax adverts in store

He's really tall....

Dads coming down tomorrow which should be cool. To buy me pizza and to figure out how to clear some of this stupid student debt. I explained my literal situation of having no money, and my mum ordered me some food from sainsbury's online which should arrive tonight. I guess if she had sent real money for food I would've bought other things with it anyway. At least I won't starve for a week or so.

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[14 Oct 2005|05:36pm]
When its time to party we will party hard!

Been out shit loads recently, and conisdering I have next to no money...I think i'm doing pretty well.
Went to
Mclub on friday
Joiners for a live band saturday
Mclub for accoustic night Sunday
Monday I don't remember
Tuesday had a night off while adam went on a date
Weds to the Red Lion and then alternative night at Rhino's
Thursday (last night) Went to shout, then came back early with howard and drunk vodka and smoked a tasty spliff. Had a really nice conversation with howard, he really raised my mood quite a bit as I was having a bit of trouble with uni/what to do etc, so it was nice to get something positive in that way that actually means something.

Friday - Tonight I am going out, mainly cos I feel like I want to keep the going out phase up before I crash and burn. - But at least I have a few days to recover before any lessons. So I think i'll go for a drink somewhere with Lisa, somewhere that won't be too busy on a friday

Tomorrow I think I'll go to the cinema to see Howls Moving Castle, even if it ends up being on my own. Was gonna go today but I can't find the cinema and I know I won't stay awake for the pub after.

Sunday I will sleep like a baby I imagine.Can't wait.

Oh and "How to Start your own country" is out on DVD soon with 3hours of extras.

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[08 Oct 2005|10:33am]
[ mood | tired ]

The mystery of the magic 5hours

My broken alien watch (well one face has stopped) is always set to 4.20, I checked last night and it was at 9.20, somewhere in the last 2days my watched drained magic powers from somewhere and decided to work for 5 hours, and subsequently ruin my 4.20 joke :(

Went to a happyhardcore night last night, was fucking great, they ended up playing lots of hard house and old school. It makes me feel like i'm back in the 90's and also that I am "properly" clubbing. I think I will go back next time they have a similar night on. The crowd was really friendly (thanks E) and I got asked for pills lots (For some reason that makes me really happy, like Tim's little moment of proudness in spaced when daisy thinks he is a dealer)

Got complimented on my dancing skillz which then made me self conscious, then the guy dragged me off and made me dance with him, he was really friendly but he spoke in the friendly way where I could also imagine the next words being a cheery "I'm going to stab you" accompanied by a friendly knife to the groin, after our little dance together we took the piss out of some womens dancing, and then I went and sat on the table on the dance floor for a bit just bopping in time to the music contemplating

whether the club was ready for my dancing yet. Got back and felt really awake, but forced myself to go to sleep about 5, and now i've woken up more tired than I went to bed.

No glow stick madness...they were giving them out at the club anyway, totally undercutting me.

Off to find a student overdraft in a minute. If it all goes trough and I can get money today, I will go buy some electricity and possibly some rats.Then later tonight me and Lisa are going to some house party we got invited to drunkenly last week, and if that falls through I imagine we will go to a bar and drink ourselves sober and if that falls through I'll watch some of the many new movies I now have. But the one thing I won't be doing is going to the Skin 2 Rubber Ball...Maybe I'll go out dressed in rubber as a tribute...maybe...

end of line

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[07 Oct 2005|02:18pm]

"Your personality often has two sides. You
have no trouble taking things in stride, but
you like a peaceful balance in your life. You
have a lot of creativity, especially when it
comes to the written word. You are a great
communicator and are very open to new ideas.
You also have a strong desire to learn."

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